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The Reset Plan: Lose the Secrets, Lose the Excuses, Lose the Weight is different from other diet books. I refused to write a book filled with unrealistic promises and gimmicky plans that promise extreme weight loss in an unrealistic amount of time. 

Through an analysis of common “secrets” that both my clients and I have carried and used as excuses to keep from optimizing their health, I offer specific advice and course correction for people who are struggling, and I do so in the motivating, enthusiastic and empathetic way - as long as you are ready to no longer make excuses. 

I wrote this book to make losing weight upbeat, fun, and accessible. I always try to be straightforward about helping you lose weight and give you micro-level tips about how to do so.


The Reset Plan includes:

  • A 66-day plan to get you in the happiest shape of your life

  • Tips and tricks to help you find and sustain your motivation

  • Personal anecdotes and success stories from both myself and  my clients

  • An extensive workbook that includes charts, worksheets, and recipes designed to see the you through your weight loss journey

Being a lifestyle coach for over a decade I incorporate exercise into The Reset Plan as well as discussing the psychology of shame and food addiction to help you gain and keep true fitness. By couching the weight loss journey within a larger understanding of fitness, happiness, and success, I believe it maximizing ones true potential. I am realistic and down-to-earth about what is reasonable to expect when starting a lifelong reset/fitness journey in terms of cost and time. Promise you'll have fun with me when reading my book. 

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"Hi Shanna! Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been reading your book and I am down 19lbs from where I first started. You touch on so many points that really made me stop and think about how I view my health and fitness journey. (It really is a lifestyle). Thank you for this!”-  Angel 

"I wanted to thank you for inspiring me to get serious about losing weight and getting FIT!  After I read your book I joined a fitness class (three days a week) and do the bike and weights two days a week.  I am so happy with my body and clear with my mindset now that I’ve already lost 17 lbs!” - Claire 

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