We created Ferrigno FIT to encourage people to Focus. Invest & Take Action with their lifestyle & longevity goals.


Our team at Ferrigno FIT aim to give our members the tools to take back control of their lives as well as connect again with their communities and like-minded people – looking to build lasting solutions to life’s greatest challenges through encouragement and accountability.

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The Reset Plan: Lose the Secrets, Lose the Excuses, Lose the Weight is different from other diet books. This is not a gimmicky plan that promises extreme weight loss. It is a safe, sane, holistic plan to lose weight in a way that lasts.


I not only provide detailed plans for food and exercise, but also breakdown the fitness industry and have you look at why you have let life get out of control in the first place.


Through an analysis of common “secrets” that me and my clients have carried and used as excuses to keep from optimizing their health, I offers specific advice and course correction for people who are struggling, and I believe I do so in the motivating and enthusiastic voice of a coach who is empathetic but does not accept excuses.



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